Foods of the World 1

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2011
  1. What is the main ingredient in the Middle East dish "falafel"?
  2. What is a "Pepper Pot" in the West Indies?
  3. What is the main ingredient in the Russian soup "Ukka"?
  4. Which French city is best known for its Bouillabaisse?
  5. What type of food can be Shish, Kalmi or Doner?
  6. What is the Mediterranean dish Calamari?
  7. What type of meat is used in the Italian dish "Osso Bucco"?
  8. What is the main ingredient in the Eastern European dish "Borscht"?
  9. Which country in 2011 produced over 65% of Europe's olive oil?
  10. If you ordered "Escargots" in a French restaurant what would you expect to be served?
  11. What is the name of the clarified butter used in Indian cookery?
  12. What makes a dish "a la Florentine"?
  13. What is the principal ingredient in the Lebanese dish "Baba ghanoush"?
  14. What is the Swedish dish of "gravad lax"?
  15. If you ordered "Pollo" in a Spanish restaurant, what meat would you be served?
  16. What is the Indian dish "Aloo" made from?
  17. Stollen is a traditional fruit loaf eaten at Christmas, from what country did it originate?
  18. What is the name of the tomato based Spanish soup that is generally served cold?
  19. In which country would you expect to be served "mezes" as starters or appetizers?
  20. What are the principle vegetable ingredients of "Vichyssoise" soup?
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  1. Raj says:

    Brilliant questions…Helped me in conducting a culinary quiz

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