Puddings 1

Published: Wednesday 7th September 2011
  1. What sauce is used as a topping on a Peach Melba?
  2. From which country does the sweet loaf known as "Bara Brith" originate?
  3. What type of pastry is used to make the Greek/Turkish sweet Baklava?
  4. When is the French cake, "La Galette des Rois" usually consumed?
  5. What forms the crisp topping on a creme Brulee?
  6. What does the French word "biscuit" mean?
  7. Which Scottish city on the River Tay gives its name to a fruit cake?
  8. What type of dessert is the Indian "Kulfi"?
  9. After whom was the dessert Pavlova named after?
  10. What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?
  11. Which spice is generally used to top a rice pudding?
  12. What is the main ingredient in a Junket?
  13. In which country does Lamington cake originate?
  14. What forms the inside of a "Baked Alaska"?
  15. What fruit is used in a Banoffee Pie?
  16. What does the German "Schwartzwald Kirschtorte" translate to in English?
  17. What forms the base of a traditional Pavlova?
  18. What colours are the quarters of a typical Battenberg cake?
  19. Although now eaten at Easter, which other occasion were Simnel cakes originally eaten on?
  20. What flavours the Italian dessert Tiramisu?
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