Food and Drink 4

Published: Sunday 16th October 2011
  1. Which sandwich filling is Paddington Bear's favourite?
  2. Which chicken dish gets its name from a battle by Napoleon in 1800?
  3. What type of food is "Brown Windsor"?
  4. Which fruit is used in the preparation of "Eve's Pudding"?
  5. "Thermidor" and "Newburg" are traditional ways of preparing which marine creature?
  6. Malaysian Satay is usually served with what sauce?
  7. Jarlsberg cheese originates in which country?
  8. In the Turkish dish, "Dolmas" in what is the rice and lamb wrapped in?
  9. What did the "Atkins Diet" suggest you minimise your intake of?
  10. What are "Porcini"?
  11. In Australia with what would a "Carpetbag" steak be stuffed?
  12. What type of rice is risotto usually made?
  13. What was TV cook Fanny Craddock's husband's name?
  14. What name is given to the Indian dish of chopped spiced vegetables , formed into balls, battered and then deep fried?
  15. From what vegetable is "Gnocchi" made?
  16. What does "A la mode" mean on a menu in the USA?
  17. In Scotland, what is a "Bannock"?
  18. What turns a "Croque Monsieur" into a "Croque Madame"?
  19. From what part of a pig is a "Bath Chap" made?
  20. What were described in a TV advert as "Tasty, tasty, very , very tasty"?
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