TV Chefs 2

Published: Sunday 20th May 2012
  1. What is TV cook Fanny Craddock's real first name?
  2. Which TV chef presented a "French Odyssey" in 2005?
  3. Which chef uses chemistry and physics to create new and unusual dishes?
  4. Which actress turned chef introduced the UK to the joys of Indian cookery?
  5. Which duo currently presents "Masterchef" in the UK?
  6. Presenting her first TV show in 1947, she became one of the first TV chefs and a major influence on many of todays cooks, who is she?
  7. Who presents "Hell's Kitchen USA"?
  8. Who presents the "River Cottage" series of TV programmes?
  9. What are the real names of "The Hairy Bikers"?
  10. What occupation did Clarissa Dickson pursue prior to becoming a TV chef?
  11. Who became known as "The Naked Chef"?
  12. Of which football club is Delia Smith a director?
  13. What was the title of Gary Rhodes first TV series?
  14. With which Scottish football side did Gordon Ramsey have trials?
  15. Who are the judges in the UKs "Masterchef The Professionals"?
  16. Which daytime cookery show was initially introduced by Fern Britton and then Ainsley Harriot?
  17. Which TWO chefs have recently featured in the television ads for Waitrose?
  18. Which TV chef who died in 2011 had the real name of Mirza Bukht?
  19. Which chef featured in the recent TV series "A Very Hungry Frenchman"?
  20. Which TWO bakers are the judges in "The Great British Bake Off"?
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