Food and Drink 5

Published: Tuesday 11th September 2012
  1. What is the literal meaning of "Creme Brulee"?
  2. What Italian word means "Before the Meal"?
  3. What type of nut is usually used to flavour macaroons?
  4. A "Mint Julep" cocktail is made using which spirit?
  5. The Mexican dish "Burritos" is named after which animal?
  6. What is the name of the green paste used in Japanese cuisine?
  7. What type of food is "Cornish Yarg"?
  8. Raki is the national drink of which country?
  9. A Frittata is the Italian version of which common dish?
  10. What was the real name of the TV Chef known as "The Galloping Gourmet"?
  11. From which language is the word CHUTNEY derived?
  12. In Jewish cuisine what is LOX?
  13. At what time of the day should you eat TIFFIN?
  14. What is a "Bain-Marie"?
  15. What vegetable is used in the layers of MOUSSAKA?
  16. In which English County would you find both the towns of Ham and Sandwich?
  17. In which country would you be served GADO-GADO?
  18. In an AIOLI sauce, with what is the olive oil flavoured?
  19. In the US they know it as CILANTRO, but what name is this fragrant herb known by in the UK?
  20. What ingredient gives Worcestershire Sauce its unique flavour?
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