Food and Drink 6

Published: Sunday 11th November 2012
  1. From which country does the wine BULLS BLOOD originate?
  2. What is the principal ingredient of GUACAMOLE?
  3. From which flower is Saffron obtained?
  4. What would you find inside a Baked Alaska?
  5. From which cereal is POLENTA made?
  6. Which cake was originally made to celebrate the marriage of Queen Victoria's Granddaughter Princess Victoria?
  7. What type of food can be either BLANKET or HONEYCOMB?
  8. What is MASCARPONE?
  9. Which vegetable is used in the preparation of BECHAMEL Sauce?
  10. What is the Jewish "Matzo" a type of?
  11. In Indian cuisine what is a DHANSAK curry usually made with?
  12. Which spice is said to be a cure for sea sickness?
  13. What are Irish FADGE cakes made from?
  14. What traditionally sticks out of the top of a STARGAZEY pie?
  15. Which nuts are used in a Waldorf salad?
  16. STERLET, OSSETRA and SEVRUGA are all types of which delicacy?
  17. Popular in Cajun cooking, what type of fruits are MUSCADINES and SCUPPERNONGS?
  18. What were Oast Houses used to dry?
  19. If you were served food "En Brochette", how would it be presented?
  20. From which herb would you generally make Pesto?
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