Biscuits, Bread and Cakes 2

Published: Tuesday 29th July 2014
  1. What type of pastry is generally used to make the Turkish sweet BAKLAVA?
  2. Vegan flat bread often stuffed with vegetables, from which country does BOLANI originate?
  3. Usually eaten at Christmas, what is the name of the sweet bread originating in Milan, Italy?
  4. Made from two or three layers of coloured sponge, which cake was voted English Cake of the Year in 1986?
  5. In which country were fortune cookies first made?
  6. Which fruit flavours a Banoffee Pie?
  7. What pastry would one use to make a Beef Wellington?
  8. With which fruit is a Black Forest Gateaux general made?
  9. What is the name of the French dessert often served at weddings that consists of a mound of Choux pastry balls bound together with threads of caramel?
  10. What provides the filling in an Eccles Cake?
  11. What is the Italian sponge cake that is used to make Madeleines and provides the base for Jaffa Cakes?
  12. In which area of France does the round crusty cake, made from bread dough with layers of butter and sugar, known as Kouign-Amann originate?
  13. Which biscuit is named after an Italian general?
  14. From what type of pastry are the layers in a Mille-Feuille made?
  15. After what is the famous Viennese chocolate cake the Sachertorte named?
  16. Which beverage is used to flavour the Italian dessert Tiramisu?
  17. What shape are the traditional Jewish cookie/pastry known as Hamantash?
  18. Derived from the French meaning "small oven", what are the small confectionary or savoury appetisers called?
  19. Originally called a Creola, what are these biscuits made from two thin chocolate flavoured oblong biscuits filled with chocolate cream now known as?
  20. In which decade was the Italian bread Ciabatta first introduced?
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