Asian Cuisine 1

Published: Thursday 6th November 2014
  1. What name is given to the Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables, all cooked together at the table?
  2. What popular British dish actually gets its name from the Tamil for sauce?
  3. What is Bombay duck?
  4. From which country does the pickled vegetable dish known as Kimchi originate?
  5. Literally meaning "Heart's Delight", what name is given to the small filled dumplings often served as a starter in Chinese restaurants?
  6. What are the FIVE spices used in Chinese Five Spice Seasoning?
  7. Regarded by many in Asia as the "King of Fruits", what is this foul smelling fruit called?
  8. We call it an aubergine, the Americans an eggplant, what do the Japanese call this vegetable?
  9. Originating in the USA what is the Chinese dish of mixed vegetables and meat in a brown sauce usually served with rice called?
  10. From which plant is the widely used spice saffron obtained?
  11. What is the name given to the clarified butter used in Indian cooking?
  12. What is Phrik Tai in a Thai restaurant?
  13. The nest of which bird is used to make Bird's Nest Soup?
  14. What are the thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour called?
  15. The flavour enhancer MSG is used extensively in Chinese cuisine, what does MSG stand for?
  16. Often served with sushi what is Wasabi?
  17. To which vegetable does Aloo refer in Indian cookery?
  18. What is the name of the Japanese rice wine?
  19. What is the Chinese dumpling stuffed with meat or vegetables and often served in a clear broth called?
  20. What is the name of the iron griddle often used in Japanese cooking?
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