Alcoholic Drinks

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  1. What brand of lager was advertised on British TV in the 1980s by Paul Hogan?
  2. Founded in County Cork in Ireland in 1792, which brewery is famous for its dark porter ale?
  3. What flavour is the liqueur Cointreau?
  4. What is the proper name of the utensil used to stir drinks, such as cocktails?
  5. In which Scottish whisky region would you find the Glenfiddich distillery?
  6. What is the Japanese drink Sake made from ?
  7. What is added to a Martini to make a Gibson?
  8. Pinotage is the signature red wine grape of which country?
  9. Traditionally, what metal are most whisky pot stills made from ?
  10. Which cocktail's basic ingredients are Vodka and Orange Juice?
  11. Which well known brand of alcoholic drink has a trade mark of a boar's head?
  12. For how many years must a spirit be aged in oak barrels before it can be called Scotch Whisky?
  13. What is the name given to a small, lockable wooden cabinet containing two or three bottles or decanters.
  14. A Magnum is equivalent to 2 bottles of champagne and a Jeroboam is equivalent to 4 standard bottles. How many standard bottles of champagne are there in a Salmanazar?
  15. Both Bowmore and Adbeg whisky are made on which Scottish Island?
  16. The first trademark to be registered under the Trade Mark Registration Act 1875 was a red triangle. Which company was it for?
  17. Fino, Manzanilla and Amontillado are all types of which drink?
  18. What fruit is Babycham made from ?
  19. In whisky making, what is meant by "The Angel's Share"?
  20. In England and Wales the drink driving limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, what is the equivalent figure in Scotland?
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