Cheese and Wine 1

Published: Saturday 8th July 2017
  1. What is the name of the Roman God of Wine?
  2. What part of the World do you associate Paneer cheese?
  3. What fortified sweet wine is a key ingredient in a Manhattan cocktail?
  4. Which cheese is generally used in a Greek salad?
  5. Which wine similar to Sake is used as an ingredient in Japanese cookery?
  6. What is used to colour Red Leicester and other such coloured cheese?
  7. In which country is the sheep's milk cheese, Manchego made?
  8. What is meant by the term "Frizzante" on an Italian wine bottle label?
  9. In which South American country would you find the wine producing region of Casablanca Valley?
  10. What is the name of the enzyme added to milk in the manufacture of most hard cheeses?
  11. Lacryma Christi is an Italian wine which is produced on the slopes of which mountain?
  12. What can be traditionally found on the outside of Cornish Yarg cheeses?
  13. From which country does the wine Mateus Rose originate?
  14. What spirit is added to wine to produce Port?
  15. According to the UN, which country is the World's largest producer of cheese from cow's milk?
  16. Which German wine shares its name with a joint of ham?
  17. Which cheese revived Wallace in the 2005 movie "Curse of the Were Rabbit"?
  18. Which wine growing region of Italy is nicknamed Chianti-shire due to the large number of Britons that holiday there?
  19. Which animal's milk is traditionally used to make Roquefort cheese?
  20. From which country does the sweet wine Tokaji originate?
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