Cheese and Wine 2

Published: Sunday 5th November 2017
  1. What is the science and study of wine and wine-making known as?
  2. Which cheese in 1925 became the first to be granted "Apellation D'Origine" status?
  3. The sweet Hungarian grape known as Furmint is used primarily to produce which wine?
  4. What is the World's most consumed cheese?
  5. From what is the Japanese wine, Sake made?
  6. What is a Turophile?
  7. Which French wine shares it's name with a TV detective that was played by John Nettles?
  8. Which cheese did Samuel Pepys allegedly bury in his garden during the Great Fire of London?
  9. From which country does the sparkling wine Cava originate?
  10. In which country was the children's favourite cheese BabyBel invented?
  11. What do the words "Demi-Sec" on a French wine label indicate?
  12. In which country is Jarlsberg cheese made?
  13. In which month is each year's Beaujolais Nouveau released?
  14. In what is the cheese Stinking Bishop washed every four weeks during it's maturation?
  15. On which Mediterranean island did the wine Marsala originate?
  16. Which country do you associate the cheese dish Fondue?
  17. What is the name of the Greek wine flavoured with pine resin?
  18. In which country are the wines "Hawkes Bay" and "Marlborough" produced?
  19. Which cheese is traditionally consumed with a glass of port?
  20. Who is the Greek God of wine?
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