Cheese and Wine 3 - Answers

Published: Saturday 10th March 2018
  1. What region of France produces the red wine known as Claret? Bordeaux.
  2. In which English county is Stinking Bishop produced? Gloucestershire.
  3. Where would you find the Stellenbosch wine producing area? South Africa.
  4. What colour is the rind of a Port Salut cheese? Orange.
  5. In which type of wine would a dish cooked A la Mariniere be prepared? White Wine.
  6. What type of cheese is generally used to make pesto? Parmasen.
  7. What does Brut on a wine label signify? Very Dry.
  8. Which is Wallace and Gromit's favourite cheese? Wensleydale.
  9. What is the German word that signifies a sparkling wine? Sekt.
  10. In which country does Leerdammer cheese originate? Netherlands.
  11. Which country consumes the most wine? USA.
  12. What type of milk is used to make Pecorino cheese? Sheep's milk.
  13. Which country do you associate with Bull's Blood wine? Hungary.
  14. What is generally found on the outside of a Caboc cheese? Toasted oatmeal.
  15. Literally meaning twice-cooked which Italian cheese is made from whey? Ricotta.
  16. In which English county is the village of Stilton, after which the cheese is named? Northamptonshire.
  17. In which US state would you find the wine growing region of Napa Valley? California.
  18. The name of which cheese invented in Italy in 1906 translates into English as 'Beautiful Country'? Bel Paese.
  19. Which wine producing area of France has the highest number of Appellation d'origine contrôlée? Burgundy.
  20. Which was the only English cheese to be mentioned in the Doomsday Book? Cheshire.

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