Cheese and Wine 4

Published: Monday 14th May 2018
  1. In which country is Appenzeller cheese produced?
  2. What type of wine is made from the Merlot grape?
  3. What is the watery by-product of cheese-making called?
  4. Which white wine is produced on the hills south-east of Rome?
  5. How many standard wine bottles are there in a Methuselah?
  6. Meaning "Sweet Milk" in English, what is this soft blue-veined Italian cheese?
  7. Milk from which animal is used to make Chevrotin cheese?
  8. What spirit is named after the Dutch for burnt wine?
  9. Thought to have been produced for the miner's lunch box, what is this Welsh crumbly hard cheese?
  10. What is the name of the main grape type used to produce Rioja wine?
  11. Which cheese has been accepted by Italian banks as collateral for small business loans?
  12. In which English county did Wensleydale cheese originate?
  13. What is the most popular grape variety used in California?
  14. By what name is the curd cheese produced in Eastern Europe more commonly known?
  15. In 2016, which country produced the largest volume of wine?
  16. In which country is Suhindol wine produced?
  17. What does "Sec" on a French wine label signify?
  18. After California which US State produces the most wine?
  19. In which part of Ireland is Gubbeen cheese produced?
  20. What is the name given to the highest quality German wine?
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