Food and Drink 10

Published: Sunday 24th July 2016
  1. What type of nuts are used in the production of Marzipan?
  2. From what is Hummus made?
  3. What is used to colour Cheddar cheese?
  4. In which country would you find the wine region Hunter Valley?
  5. Pershore Eggs are a variety of which fruit?
  6. From which Greek island did Halloumi cheese originate?
  7. What herb do the French refer to as "L'Herbe Royal"?
  8. On which Mediterranean island did the fortified wine Marsala originate?
  9. From which flower are vanilla pods obtained?
  10. If you order Cuisses de Grenouilles in a French restaurant what would you expect to be served?
  11. What would expect the filling to be in a Keema Naan?
  12. From what is Couscous made?
  13. What is added to gin to make a pink gin?
  14. What is the minimum age at which Scotch Whisky can be sold in the UK?
  15. From what flower is Saffron obtained?
  16. What is used to top a Lancashire Hotpot?
  17. Sardines are the young of which fish?
  18. What flavour is Bigarade sauce?
  19. What does a Screwdriver become if you add Galliano?
  20. Which vegetable is used to produce a Soubise Sauce?
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