Food and Drink 12

Published: Friday 13th May 2022A free quiz testing all aspects of food and drink.
  1. What would you generally make in a cafetiļæ½re?
  2. Which celebrity chef was credited with removing "Turkey twizzlers" from school dinners?
  3. Which salad ingredient can be Cos or Iceberg?
  4. What colour is the rind on an Edam cheese?
  5. What is the main ingredient in an omelette?
  6. What changes a herring into a kipper?
  7. What is the usual colour of piccalilli?
  8. If something is cooked "au gratin" what ingredient will it contain?
  9. What flavour is the liqueur Kahlua?
  10. What spirit is used to make a White Lady cocktail?
  11. What is added to whisky to make the liqueur Drambuie?
  12. What is the Greek dish Dolmas made of?
  13. What type of meat is generally used to make a Moussaka?
  14. What is the main ingredient in a Rosti?
  15. Used extensively in Indian cookery, what is Ghee?
  16. In which country did Pecorino cheese originate?
  17. Which type of fruit is often served "belle helene"?
  18. Which fish is the main ingredient of a Scotch Woodcock?
  19. What gives Red Windsor cheese its colour and flavour?
  20. What are the two main ingredients of Angels on Horseback?
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