Food and Drink 13

Published: Saturday 15th October 2022A free quiz about all aspects of food and drinks around the world.
  1. What fruit is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry?
  2. Which herb is generally used to make a Pesto?
  3. What is Couscous made from?
  4. What is the Italian equivalent of a French "vin de table"?
  5. What are the two main ingredients of a coulibiac?
  6. What spirit is used to make the cocktail "Manhattan"?
  7. Which breeds of cow produce Gold-Top milk?
  8. Which two types of cheese are layered in a Huntsman cheese?
  9. In which part of France does the spirit Calvados originate?
  10. Tikka is a dish associated with which country's cuisine?
  11. The chef Rick Stein is mostly associated with cooking what food?
  12. In which country did Chianti wine originate?
  13. What type of meat would you make a "Cock-a-leekie" soup?
  14. At what age can you legally buy alcohol in a British pub?
  15. What type of fruit is a Conference?
  16. Which vitamin are citrus fruits rich in?
  17. Which food item is sold in London's Billingsgate market?
  18. What colour is the wine Beaujolais Nouveau?
  19. What type of food is a "Sally Lunn"?
  20. What forms the outside of a Scotch Egg?
  21. Which fruit would you associate with the Wimbledon tennis championship?
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