Food and Drink 7

Published: Saturday 23rd January 2016
  1. What is the name of the Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat or fish that is served without rice?
  2. What is the Greek equivalent of the Spanish snacks Tapas?
  3. By what name do Americans refer to the vegetable that we call swede?
  4. What was the first US soft drink to be legally sold in Russia?
  5. Which fruit is used to flavour the liquor Cointreau?
  6. From what fruit is the French brandy Calvados produced?
  7. What is the French name for Pineapple?
  8. What type of nut is traditionally used in the preparation of Pesto?
  9. What is added to Brandy to make the "Sidecar" cocktail?
  10. If you ordered a side-dish of Kumbhi in an Indian restaurant, what would you expect to receive?
  11. Which Mexican dish is named after a small donkey?
  12. In which decade was sliced bread introduced to the UK?
  13. From which country does Manchego cheese originate?
  14. What name is given to the fruit of the Blackthorn bush?
  15. What are Coquille St. Jacques?
  16. In which country does Rioja wine originate?
  17. Which vegetable is used to make Dubarry Soup?
  18. Which member of the Ginger family is used both as a flavouring and a colourant in food?
  19. What is the principal meat used in the production of Salami?
  20. What turns a Welsh Rarebit into a Buck Rarebit?
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