Food and Drink 8

Published: Friday 4th March 2016
  1. Which famous Italian dessert is also known as "Tuscan Trifle"?
  2. A Tayberry is a cross between which two berries?
  3. What is added to a steak to make it a "Carpetbagger"?
  4. Which fruit can be found in the middle of a Sussex Pond Pudding?
  5. What flavour does the liquor Kailua have?
  6. What is a Chanterelle?
  7. What spirit is used to make a "Screwdriver"?
  8. In Indian cookery what type of meat is Murghi?
  9. Which food crop is attacked by the Colorado Beetle?
  10. What do Americans refer to as a "Weenie"?
  11. How do we know the German dessert Schwarzwadder Kirschtorte?
  12. What spirit is used to make a Daiquiri?
  13. Of which alcoholic drink is Amontillado a variety?
  14. In which month of the year does Beaujolais Nouveau make an appearance?
  15. What type of rice is used in the Italian dish Risotto?
  16. Which city in Ireland is the home to Murphy's Stout?
  17. What is the main meat ingredient of Faggots?
  18. Filbert is another name for what type of nut?
  19. What is Tofu made from?
  20. What is the German name of an orange?
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