Food and Drink 9

Published: Friday 3rd June 2016
  1. In food terms, what is a Bath Oliver?
  2. From which fruit is Perry made?
  3. From what is the Portuguese dish named Bacalhau made?
  4. From which country does Limburger cheese originate?
  5. What name is given to the clarified butter extensively used in Indian cuisine?
  6. What herb is generally used to make Pesto?
  7. What does beer contain that ale does not?
  8. By what other name is the fruit Tangleo also known?
  9. Orange Pekoe is a variety of what?
  10. Adrak is the Indian word for which spice?
  11. What covers the outside of the Scottish cheese Caboc?
  12. From which type of meat is Chorizo usually made?
  13. The word Sekt on a bottle of German wine indicates what?
  14. A deficiency of which vitamin causes Rickets?
  15. What is the main ingredient of Sauerkraut?
  16. What herb is traditionally used to season lamb?
  17. What is the flavour of Fennel Seeds?
  18. What starchy food is extracted from the root of the Cassava plant?
  19. What would you expect to find in an Indian Dopiaza?
  20. What type of fish is made into an Arbroath Smokie?
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