Food and Drink Multiple Choice 1

Published: Monday 24th June 2024A free multiple choice quiz about all aspects of food and drink.
  1. Which of the following fruits are NOT a cross between a blackberry and some other fruit(s), [a] Loganberry, [b] Tayberry, [c] Boysenberry or [d] Huckleberry?
  2. The wine growing region of Hawke's Bay can be found in which country, [a] New Zealand, [b] Australia, [c] South Africa or [d] USA?
  3. Which of the following cities has the most Michelin star restaurants, [a] Tokyo, [b] Paris, [c] New York or [d] Copenhagen?
  4. What type of nut would you usually find in a Waldorf Salad, [a] Almond, [b] Walnut, [c] Brazil nut or [d] Chestnut?
  5. Which country produces the most bananas per annum, [a] China, [b] Brazil, [c] India or [d] Ecuador?
  6. According to a 2011 YouGov poll, what is the UK's favourite soup, [a] Cream of Chicken, [b] Oxtail, [c] Vegetable or [d] Cream of Tomato?
  7. What variety of beans are used to make Baked Beans, [a] Pinto beans, [b] Borlotti beans, [c] Haricot beans or [d] Flageolet beans?
  8. What is the best selling crisp flavour in the UK, [a] Ready Salted, [b] Salt & Vinegar, [c] Prawn Cocktail or [d] Cheese and Onion?
  9. Although now made in a number of countries, in which country did Jarlsberg cheese originate, [a] Denmark, [b] Netherlands, [c] Switzerland or [d] Norway?
  10. What spirit is used to make a "Screwdriver" cocktail, [a] Vodka, [b] White Rum, [c] Brandy or [d] Whisky?
  11. In which year did the bakery programme "The Great British Bakeoff" make its debut on BBC TV, [a] 1999, [b] 2009, [c] 2019 or [d] 2010?
  12. Which is the most expensive spice (by weight) in the World, [a] Saffron, [b] Vanilla, [c] Green Cardamom or [d] Star Anise?
  13. Brazil produces the most coffee in the World but which of the following countries comes second on the list, [a] Vietnam, [b] Colombia, [c] Kenya or [d] India?
  14. Which of the following is NOT classed as a citrus fruit, [a] Pomelo, [b] Guava, [c] Tangelo or [d] Haruka?
  15. Which of the following cocktails is NOT rum based, [a] Mojito, [b] Negroni, [c] Pina Colada or [d] Daiquiri?
  16. What type of flour is used to make Soba noodles, [a] Barley, [b] Rye, [c] Buckwheat or [d] Rice?
  17. Kerr's Pink, Russian Blue and Bintje are all varieties of which fruit or vegetable, [a] Potato, [b] Apple, [c] Pear or [d] Carrot?
  18. Which coffee shop chain has the most outlets in the UK, [a] Starbucks, [b] Costa, [c] Greggs or [d] Caffe Nero?
  19. In which Country's cuisine is Mirin a key ingredient, [a] India, [b] Japan, [c] Italy or [d] France?
  20. From what part of a pig is the cold meat "Brawn" made from, [a] Trotters, [b] Shoulder, [c] Head or [d] Belly?
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