Foods of the British Isles 1

Published: Friday 12th June 2020A free food quiz about the specialities of the British Islands.
  1. What fish is traditionally used to make an Arbroath Smokie?
  2. Which Leicester town is famous for its Pork Pies?
  3. What spice is used to flavour the Northern speciality Parkin?
  4. Which London departmental store claims to have invented Scotch Eggs?
  5. With what is a fillet of beef coated with before being wrapped in parma ham and pastry to become a Beef Wellington?
  6. What sauce is traditionally served with roast lamb?
  7. The innards of which animal are usually used to make Haggis?
  8. What food is celebrated with an annual festival on the Isle of Wight?
  9. Similar to a Cornish pasty but containing a sweet filling at one end, how is this Bedfordshire dish known?
  10. What is "Scouse" an favourite dish in Liverpool?
  11. Where does the potato pancake known as Boxty originate?
  12. Which Cheshire town host the annual International Cheese Awards?
  13. What filling would be traditionally used to make a Cottage Pie?
  14. In which English county is Bakewell, home of the famous pudding?
  15. On a traditional Cornish cream tea, what is put on the scone first, jam or cream?
  16. What food is the County Cork town of Clonakilty best known for?
  17. In what part of London did the dish of Jellied Eels originate?
  18. What town in Greater Manchester gives its name o a small round cake made from flaky pastry and filled with Currants?
  19. Widely used by hikers as a source of energy, what Lake District town gives its name to this confectionary of sugar, glucose and peppermint?
  20. What is the name of the Scottish dessert made from raspberries, cream, oats and whisky?
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