Foods of the UK - Yorkshire.

Published: Sunday 9th April 2023A free quiz about the food and drink of the Yorkshire region of the UK.
  1. What famous Yorkshire food is celebrated on the first Sunday in February (UK) and 13th October (USA)?
  2. Although originating in Harrogate, where would you find the largest branch of Betty's Tea Rooms?
  3. What are Pontefract cakes made from?
  4. Made from either cows or ewes milk what cheese is made in Richmond, North Yorkshire?
  5. Traditionally eaten on November 5th, what is the name of this gingerbread cake made with oatmeal and treacle?
  6. The phrase "Batter, Tatter, Fish, Tatter, Batter" is used to describe which chip shop favourite in Yorkshire?
  7. Which Yorkshire town is second only to Burton-on-Trent as a centre for beer brewing?
  8. The oatmeal and flour biscuits sandwiched between a butter icing filling are named after which Yorkshire town?
  9. Similar to Worcester sauce but without the anchovies, what is this Sheffield produced sauce known as?
  10. Possibly brought to Yorkshire by the Vikings, what name is given to this slow-cooked mutton and white cabbage stew?
  11. Named after a Yorkshire town, what name is given to a double loin lamb or pork chop?
  12. What is infused into cheddar cheese to make the Yorkshire cheese Abbot's Gold?
  13. What orange originated in Yorkshire?
  14. What meat is used to make a "Yorkshireman's Goose", a substitute for someone who doesn't want to spend to much on the real thing?
  15. What crop is the 9 square mile area of West Yorkshire between Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell famous for producing?
  16. What company founded by Charles Taylor in 1886 makes the best selling tea in the UK?
  17. Founded in 1928 in Guiseley, Yorkshire, what (according to their website) is Britain's longest established restaurant chain?
  18. What would you be eating if you were offered a "Fat Rascal" in Yorkshire?
  19. A favourite of Wallace and Gromit, what cheese is produced in Hawes, Yorkshire?
  20. What name is given to the Yorkshire variant of the Chip Butty, where potato slices that are battered and deep fried replace the chips?
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