Fruit and Veg 2

Published: Monday 7th September 2020A free quiz covering all aspects of fruit and vegetables.
  1. Which edible crop has varieties known as Hardy Tarty and Prince Albert?
  2. Which vegetable has the Latin name of Brassica rapa?
  3. What is the distinctive flavour of the vegetable Fennel?
  4. Where on a citrus fruit would you find the zest?
  5. Which fruit is banned from public transport in Singapore due to its smell?
  6. How is the fruit known as Ananas in French, known in English?
  7. In which country did the fermented vegetable dish Kimchi originate?
  8. Cambridge no.5, Welland and Bedford are all varieties of which vegetable?
  9. Which fruit juice is added to gin to make a gin gimlet?
  10. What is the area of New York City's Central Park containing a memorial to John Lennon, known as?
  11. Avola, Kelvedon Wonder and Little Marvel are all varieties of which vegetable?
  12. From which fruit is the drink Kirsch made from?
  13. What is the official fruit of the US State of Georgia?
  14. What is the scientific name for the Cabbage family?
  15. What name is given to the Spring Onion in the USA?
  16. Who wrote the novel "A Clockwork Orange"?
  17. From which fruit is the popular Latin American beverage Agua Fresca made?
  18. Which fruit has the Latin name Citrus paradisi?
  19. What is the French name given to the Snow Pea?
  20. Who sang about a "Raspberry Beret"?
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