Fruit and Veg - 3

Published: Saturday 25th September 2021A free quiz about all aspects of fruit and vegetables.
  1. Which fruit has the Latin name Rubus idaeus?
  2. What is the official fruit of the US State of Idaho?
  3. Optica, Stereo and Bunyard's Exhibition are all varieties of which vegetable?
  4. Tom Joad is the main character in which 1939 classic American novel?
  5. Which fruit features in the title of a Jeanette Winterson novel that was later made into a BBC drama?
  6. Which was the first vegetable to be commercially canned?
  7. What fruit grows on a Banyan tree?
  8. What was the first record released on The Beatles Apple label, numbered APPLE2?
  9. Which vegetable was described by Mark Twain as "A cabbage with a college education"?
  10. From which fruit is the drink Perry made?
  11. Which vegetable is used in a French dish referred to as "a la Lyonnaise"?
  12. What type of beans are used in the manufacture of baked beans?
  13. Which vegetable has the Latin name of Allium sepa?
  14. Which vegetable is used to make the fermented food Sauerkraut?
  15. What kind of fruit did Little Jack Horner pull out of his pie?
  16. The disease "Noble Rot" affects which fruit crop?
  17. Which fruit sauce is commonly eaten with roast pork?
  18. What type of fruit is the Armenian Plum?
  19. Cameo, Macintosh and Cortland are all varieties of which fruit?
  20. Which vegetable's name derives from the Latin for milk?
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