Italian Food and Drink - 1

Published: Saturday 26th January 2019A free quiz about all aspects of Italian cuisine.
  1. Pomodoro is the Italian for which foodstuff?
  2. What is the Italian name for the "Bow-tie" shaped pasta?
  3. Which Italian city is referred to as 'Il grasso' because of its rich culinary heritage?
  4. From which animal's milk is Pecorino cheese made?
  5. In Italian cuisine, what is Osso Bucco?
  6. What is the principal flavour of the Italian sweet Tiramisu?
  7. "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti" is a quote from which Oscar winning movie?
  8. In Italian cuisine, what is piadina?
  9. Which cheese is traditionally used for pizza toppings?
  10. What is the name of the Italian blue-veined cheese originating in the Milan area?
  11. Which herb is used to make Pesto?
  12. Which nut is used to flavour Italian amoretti biscuits?
  13. What name is given to the Italian folded pizza dish?
  14. Often served at Christmas, what is the name of the Italian sweet bread loaf?
  15. In Italian cuisine, what is Tartufo?
  16. Which currant biscuit shares its name with an 18th century Italian leader?
  17. Which seafood is generally found on a Pizza alla napoletana?
  18. In which area of Italy is Chianti Classico produced?
  19. The name of which pasta translated means little tongues?
  20. Which Italian soft cheese bears a name that literally translates as 'cooked twice'?
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