British Prime Ministers 1

Published: Sunday 25th April 2010
  1. Who was the first British Prime Minister in 1721?
  2. The first six British Prime Minister were Whigs, who became the first Tory PM in 1762?
  3. Who was the first British Prime Minister to serve under Queen Victoria?
  4. Who in 1783 became the youngest British Prime Minister?
  5. Who was the first Labour British Prime Minister?
  6. Up to 2010, who was the last Liberal British Prime Minister?
  7. Who has been the only British Prime Minister to be born outside of the British Isles?
  8. Who was Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne?
  9. Who was the last British Prime Minister to die when in office?
  10. Who is the longest serving British Prime Minister to date?
  11. Which British Prime Minister lead Britain in the American Revolution and was forced to resign in 1782?
  12. Who was Prime Minister when Britain declared war on Germany in 1914?
  13. Which Prime Minister took Britain into the EU?
  14. To date (2010) how many British Labour Prime Ministers have there been?
  15. Who were the two British Prime Ministers of 1970?
  16. Who was the last resident of 10 Downing Street not to have a wife?
  17. Who was the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?
  18. Which British Prime Minister oversaw the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire?
  19. Which British Prime Minister made Jeffrey Archer a life peer?
  20. Who was British Prime Minister at the time of the Suez Crisis in 1956?
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