Kings & Queens 1

Published: Sunday 25th April 2010
  1. Who was the last British monarch to be born in Scotland?
  2. Which King famously hid in a tree after defeat at the battle of Worcester?
  3. Queen Victoria is the longest serving British monarch, but who is the second longest serving?
  4. Which King had the nickname "Long-shanks"?
  5. Which was the first Tudor monarch?
  6. Who technically was the first monarch of Britain in 1707?
  7. George V was the first Windsor monarch but what was his family name changed from and why?
  8. When Edward VIII abdicated in 1936, how long had he been King?
  9. Which King lost his life at the Battle of Hastings in 1066?
  10. Who preceded Elizabeth I as monarch?
  11. Where did King John seal the Magna Carta?
  12. Stanley Baldwin was the only Prime Minister during which monarch's reign?
  13. Who succeeded Queen Victoria as monarch?
  14. During whose reign did the British Empire become the Commonwealth?
  15. How many children did Queen Victoria have?
  16. What is the name of the Royal residence in Norfolk?
  17. Which monarch followed James II to the throne?
  18. How many wives did Henry VIII divorce?
  19. Who acquired Buckingham Palace for a Royal residence?
  20. Who was the first monarch to be born in Buckingham Palace?
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