19th Century History 2 - Answers

Published: Monday 4th April 2016
  1. Who was the first US President of the 19th century? John Adams.
  2. Which African state was founded in 1820 for the repatriation of American slaves? Liberia.
  3. Which landmark British building was destroyed by fire in 1834? The House of Parliament.
  4. In which northern English town was the Cooperative Movement founded in 1844? Rochdale.
  5. In what year did Prince Albert die? 1861
  6. Connecting Port Said to Port Tewfik, what great engineering work was first opened in 1869? The Suez Canal.
  7. Which 19th Century British Prime Minister held office on four separate occasions? William Ewart Gladstone.
  8. By what name is the acquisition of 828,000 acres of land by the USA from France in 1803 known? Louisiana Purchase.
  9. The World's first public steam train which opened in 1825, carried passengers between which two northern towns? Stockton & Darlington.
  10. Who designed the S S Great Western? I K Brunel.
  11. After what is the America's Cup first awarded in 1851 named? The yacht that won the first race.
  12. Where was Lincoln assassinated in 1865? Ford's Theatre, Washington DC.
  13. What invention did Alexander Graham Bell patent in 1876? The telephone.
  14. Linking Manchester to the Irish Sea, what engineering work was opened in 1894? Manchester Ship Canal.
  15. Which treaty ended the war between the USA and the United Kingdom in 1814? Treaty of Ghent.
  16. What relation was King William IV to George IV whom he succeeded in 1830? Brother.
  17. What was Rowland Hill responsible for introducing in 1840? The Penny Post.
  18. Who patented his method for the mass production of steel in 1855? Henry Bessemer.
  19. From whom did the US purchase Alaska? Russia.
  20. How many Victoria Crosses were awarded to the defenders of Rorke's Drift in 1879? Eleven.

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