History 2

Published: Wednesday 7th July 2010
  1. Who was the Benedictine monk credited with the invention of champagne?
  2. What volcano destroyed Pompeii in 79AD?
  3. What was the name of the aeroplane that the Wright brothers first flew in 1903?
  4. Who was Tarquin the Proud?
  5. On which island did Napoleon die?
  6. Which King was responsible for building the Tower of London?
  7. According to Napoleon what does an army march on?
  8. Which English King died at age 15?
  9. Who were Queen Elizabeth the First's parents?
  10. What the ship that Drake circumnavigated the world called?
  11. Which English Queen had 17 children and outlived all of them?
  12. With whom did Lady Hamilton have a stormy affair?
  13. What was Dick Turpin's horse called?
  14. Which English King was known as "The Turnip Hoer"?
  15. What was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?
  16. Over which country did King Zog rule?
  17. Who was the first man to fly over the English Channel?
  18. Who appeared on the famous WW1 posters declaring "Your Country Needs You"?
  19. In which country did the Mau-Mau uprising take place?
  20. What was the code name for the Dunkirk evacuation?
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