The Second World War 1

Published: Thursday 8th July 2010
  1. In which month and year did Germany invade Poland?
  2. The German strategy of sudden, swift and overwhelming attack during WW2 was given what name?
  3. Which country declared war on Britain and France in June 1940?
  4. Which British colony was captured by the Japanese on Christmas Day 1941?
  5. Who was Hitler's deputy, who flew to Scotland to try to get Britain to sign a Peace treaty?
  6. On which date did the Japanese attack Pearl harbour?
  7. Which German city was the target for the first 1000 bomber raid by the RAF?
  8. Which Australian city was bombed by the Japanese in February 1942?
  9. Who lead the Allied forces at the 2nd Battle of El Alamein in 1942?
  10. Which Axis power surrendered to the allies on 3rd September 1943?
  11. Where on the west coast of Italy did the Allies land in early 1944?
  12. On what date did the D-Day invasion commence?
  13. Which island was awarded the George Cross?
  14. What the code name for the Allied invasion of Europe?
  15. What was the last major battle of WW2?
  16. What was the name of the bomber that dropped the atomic device on Hiroshima?
  17. Which Japanese city, other than Hiroshima, was bombed with nuclear devices?
  18. On what date was VE Day declared?
  19. On what date was VJ Day declared?
  20. Which country lost most lives during the course of World War 2?
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