Kings and Queens 2 - Answers

Published: Friday 17th December 2010
  1. What relation was King George II to King George III? Grandfather.
  2. Which King died on 5th January 1066? Edward the Confessor.
  3. Who was the first reigning British monarch to visit Australia? Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. Which King of France was offered the British throne in 1216? King Louis VIII.
  5. Which Uncle of Richard II acted as his regent? John of Gaunt.
  6. Who was the last of the Stuart monarchs? Queen Anne.
  7. Who deposed Richard II in 1399? Henry IV.
  8. Which THREE of Henry VIII's children ruled England? Mary, Elizabeth I and Edward VI.
  9. Who became King on the abdication of Edward VIII? King George VI.
  10. How were George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II related? They were cousins.
  11. Who was beheaded on 30th January 1649? Charles I.
  12. Who was the last King of Britain who could not speak English? George I.
  13. According to Shakespeare, which King offered his kingdom for a horse? Richard III.
  14. What was Queen Victoria's first name? Alexandria.
  15. Which King of France was known as "The Sun King"? Louis XIV.
  16. Who was beheaded at Fotheringhay castle in 1587? Mary , Queen of Scots.
  17. Which King signed The Magna Carta? King John.
  18. Who was the last wife of Henry VIII? Catherine Parr.
  19. Which King was the father of the Duke of Monmouth, the leader of The Monmouth Rebellion of 1685? Charles II.
  20. Which King died a prisoner at Pontefract Castle? Richard II.

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