The First World War 1

Published: Wednesday 6th July 2011
  1. In which month of 1914 did the First World war begin?
  2. Which "new" weapon was introduced into battle in 1916?
  3. In which year did the USA enter World War 1?
  4. In which city was Archduke Ferdinand assassinated?
  5. Germany's attack on which country provoked Britain into World War 1?
  6. Who was the commander of the US forces in Europe during World War 1?
  7. What disease took lives on both sides of the conflict in the latter stages of World War 1?
  8. Where was the formal peace agreement signed after World War 1?
  9. At which battle during World War 1 was poison gas first used?
  10. What was the area between the opposing trenches called during World War 1?
  11. What was the final allied offensive of World War 1 on the Western Front called?
  12. Which nation invaded Serbia in 1914 effectively starting the conflict of World War 1?
  13. Which FOUR nations made up the Central Powers during World War 1?
  14. What was the real name of the German flying ace known as The Red Baron?
  15. Which two Admirals commanded the British fleet at the Battle of Jutland?
  16. Which battle stopped the German advance on Paris in 1914, beginning trench warfare?
  17. What was the common nickname for the US troops in WW1?
  18. Which battle on the eastern front in August 1914 seriously damaged Russia, making them less of a threat to Germany?
  19. Remembered as ANZAC Day every year, which battle was the first major battle to be fought by Australian and New Zealand forces?
  20. When did the Armistice finally occur for World War 1?
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