History 4

Published: Sunday 4th December 2011
  1. Who was the FOURTH wife of Henry VIII?
  2. Which war was ended by the Treaty of Westphalia?
  3. In which year did "The Gunpowder Plot" take place?
  4. In which war was the Battle of the Falkland Islands fought?
  5. Who lead the British army at the Battle of Agincourt?
  6. Appointed at the age of 24, who was the youngest British Prime Minister?
  7. What were the names of the THREE ships that on Christopher Columbus famous voyage of 1492?
  8. In which year did the Cuban missile take place?
  9. Which 8th Century King built an earthwork in order to keep the Welsh in Wales?
  10. Which area of Nigeria attempted to split in 1967 causing a 3 year war?
  11. Which US general famously said "I Shall Return" in 1942?
  12. Who lead the rebellion known as the "Forty-Five"?
  13. How many crusades were there?
  14. Which military campaign is commemorated by ANZAC Day?
  15. Who was the first PROTESTANT Archbishop of Canterbury?
  16. Of which country was King Zog the ruler?
  17. Who was known as "The Iron Duke"?
  18. In World War II what was Operation Sea Lion?
  19. Who was excommunicated at the Diet of Worms?
  20. Who founded the Turkish Republic?
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