The 1970s 1

Published: Friday 24th February 2012
  1. How many GOLD medals did swimmer Mark Spitz win at the 1972 Munich Olympics?
  2. Which King died on August 16th 1977?
  3. The first person to be conceived using IVF techniques was born in Oldham on 25th July 1978, what was her name?
  4. What occurred during the Mens singles final at Wimbledon in 1973 for the first time?
  5. First opened in October 1974, where was the FIRST McDonalds restaurant in the UK?
  6. In which year of the 1970s was a THREE DAY WEEK introduced in the UK as a means of saving electricity?
  7. The Vietnam War ended in 1975 with the collapse of Saigon on April 30th, who was the US President at that time?
  8. Which country held its first democratic elections for 41 years in 1977?
  9. Completed in 1973 this was the tallest building in the world until the Petronas Twin Towers were completed nearly 25 years later, what is it called?
  10. Britain changed from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal currency in February 1971, but which coin replaced the old shilling?
  11. The worst air disaster in history took place in March 1977 with 583 people killed, on which island did this take place?
  12. Although The Beatles officially disbanded in April 1970, a new album was released the following month, what was its title?
  13. Which product became the first to be scanned using a barcode in 1974?
  14. In January 1972 the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was destroyed by fire, in which harbour was it berthed at the time?
  15. In which English seaside resort was a nudist beach opened in August 1979?
  16. First broadcast in 1973, it went on to become the longest running TV comedy show in the world, what was its title?
  17. Welcoming 25,000 students, which British university opened its doors for the first time in January 1971?
  18. The supersonic jet Concorde commenced scheduled flights in January 1976 with Air France flying from Paris to Rio and British Airways flying from Heathrow to which destination?
  19. Under what better known name did Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu win the 1979 Nobel Peace prize?
  20. Who was elected Prime Minister in the first election when 18 year old gained the vote?
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