The 1980s - 1 - Answers

Published: Sunday 20th May 2012
  1. Which RAF base in Berkshire was home to a Women's Peace camp from September 1981? Greenham Common.
  2. Which TWO countries joined the EC on 1st January 1986? Spain & Portugal.
  3. Who did John Hinckley attempt to assassinate in 1981? President Reagan.
  4. What was the name of the WPC killed outside the Libyan embassy in 1984? Yvonne Fletcher.
  5. In which year of the 1980s did Jason Donovan have THREE UK number one hits? 1989
  6. Which town in California elected Clint Eastwood mayor in 1986? Carmel.
  7. Who was killed in New York City on 8th December 1980? John Lennon.
  8. What were the TWO types of VCR that competed against each other for much of the 80s? VHS & Betamax.
  9. Where was the US venue for the Live Aid concerts of 1985? John F Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia.
  10. For which film did Colin Welland announce that "The British are coming" at the 54th Academy Awards ceremony? Chariots of Fire.
  11. Who in 1986 became the youngest ever Heavyweight boxing champion of the World? Mike Tyson.
  12. Where were the 1980 Winter Olympics held? Lake Placid, USA.
  13. Which British comedian suffered a heart attack and died live on TV in 1984? Tommy Cooper.
  14. Which former pop star was elected mayor of Palm Springs in April 1988? Sonny Bono [of Sonny & Cher fame].
  15. Who disappeared in the desert while competing in the Paris-Dakar rally in January 1982? Mark Thatcher [son of PM Margaret].
  16. Which national newspaper was launched in the UK in March 1986? Today.
  17. In which year of the 1980s did the wearing of seatbelts for drivers and front seat passengers become law in the UK? 1983
  18. Who became the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987? Aretha Franklin.
  19. What was the real name of "The Yorkshire Ripper" who was convicted of 13 counts of murder in 1981? Peter Sutcliffe.
  20. Who in 1985 purchased the London departmental store, Harrods? Mohammed Al Fayed.

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  1. Gabe says:

    This is a wonderful set of Trivia Categories and Questions….
    Thank you so much!

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