First World War - 2

Published: Tuesday 18th June 2013
  1. Which two countries were the first to declare war in 1914?
  2. Who was the British Prime Minister when Britain entered the First World War?
  3. In which country is Vimy Ridge, where many Canadians died in 1917?
  4. What was the major sea battle of 1916?
  5. What name was given to the communication sent from Germany to Mexico promising Texas if they entered the First World War on Germany's side?
  6. Who was US President when the First World War broke out?
  7. What was the area between the opposing trenches known as during the First World War?
  8. What was the nickname of the large gun deployed by Germany in Belgium in 1914?
  9. How many enemy planes were shot down by the Red Baron?
  10. The sinking of which ship was one of the reasons that the USA entered the First World War?
  11. What nickname was given to US General John Pershing?
  12. Which country joined the war for the Allied Powers in 1916?
  13. Which was the first of the Central Powers to sign the First World War Armistice?
  14. Where was the German fleet scuttled in 1919?
  15. Which British General commanded the troops at Gallipoli?
  16. What relation was the assassinated Franz Ferdinand to Emperor Franz Josef?
  17. What was the occupation of Edit Cavell, Shot by the Germans as a spy during the First World War?
  18. Who became British Prime Minister in 1916?
  19. Why were the British troops known as Tommies?
  20. The Lusitania was sunk off the coast of which country?
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