Spies and Espionage 1

Published: Sunday 13th October 2013
  1. Who in the 1500's in England was known as Elizabeth I's spy-master?
  2. Which TWO British newspapers published the popular children's column "I-Spy" until the late 1980s?
  3. Who stars opposite Claire Danes in the award winning US TV series "Homeland"?
  4. Known as the Cambridge Five, who are the four Russian spies exposed in the early 1960s?
  5. Who was the young MI6 agent written about in a series of books by Anthony Horowitz?
  6. Who was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his part in the 1965 cold war movie "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold"?
  7. In which city would you find The International Spy Museum?
  8. What was the name of the female spy first featured in a British comic strip and latterly made into a film starring Monica Vitti, Dirk Bogarde and Terrance Stamp?
  9. Which novelist introduced the term "Mole", meaning a deep-cover agent, in his 1974 novel?
  10. In which US magazine did the cartoon strip "Spy vs. Spy" feature?
  11. Although not named in the novel, what was the name of the chief protagonist in the 1965 film "The Ipcress File"?
  12. What nationality was World War 1 double-agent Mata Hari?
  13. Who wrote the Bourne series of novels on which the famous movies were based?
  14. Which US TV series which ran from 2007 to 2013 features Jeffrey Donavan as ex-spy Michael Westen?
  15. Who was the hero of John Buchan's spy novel "The 39 Steps"?
  16. Exchanged for Russian spy Rudolph Abel in 1962, what was the name of the US U2 spy plane pilot shot down by a Russian missile in 1960?
  17. In the 1960's TV series "The Man from UNCLE" who were UNCLE's chief adversary?
  18. What was the name of the spy who was deported from the USA to Russia in 2010 and has subsequently become a media celebrity?
  19. Who were the two male stars of the 2002 movie "I Spy"?
  20. Starring Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff what was the title of the 2003 movie about a 15 year old CIA agent?
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