History Quiz 6 - Answers

Published: Thursday 6th November 2014
  1. Which country was ruled by the Valois dynasty from 1328 to 1589? France.
  2. Which British conflict lasted from 1455 to 1487? The War of the Roses.
  3. How was the British financial crisis of 1720 known? The South Sea Bubble.
  4. Which English King succeeded King Richard I? King John.
  5. Who was elected President of South Africa in 1994? Nelson Mandela.
  6. Which Caribbean island nation gained its independence from Britain in 1962 lead by Sir Alexander Bustamante? Jamaica.
  7. Who was the mother of King James I of England and VI of Scotland? Mary, Queen of Scots.
  8. In which century did Edward I accede to the throne of England? 13th Century (1272).
  9. In which country was Che Guevara shot dead in 1967? Bolivia.
  10. Who was "Peeping Tom" peeping at? Lady Godiva.
  11. The anniversary of which battle takes place on 21st October? The Battle of Trafalgar.
  12. Which house wore the White Rose in the War of the Roses? York.
  13. Which Scottish leader was named the "Guardian of Scotland" in 1297? William Wallace.
  14. Which religious movement was founded by John Wesley in 1738? Methodism.
  15. Which country in 1893 became the first to use number plates on cars? France.
  16. Who was the longest reigning King of England? King George III, who reigned from 25th October 1760 to 29th January 1820.
  17. Of which country was Paul Keating Prime Minister from 1991 to 1996? Australia.
  18. Which 18th Century philosopher wrote the book entitled "The Social Contract"? Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  19. In which year did the Spanish Civil War end? 1939
  20. Of which South American civilisation was Atahualpa the last Emperor? The Incas.


  1. IAIN McNAIR says:

    History Quiz 6 Question 12. Having just discovered the quiz and perhaps being a bit “Pedantic”, but the House that wore the “White Rose” was actually the “House of YORK” and not Yorkshire.
    The answer “Yorkshire” was NOT accepted recently on a TV show.

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