Multiple Choice History 1

Published: Wednesday 17th April 2024A free multiple choice quiz about all aspects of history.
  1. In which year was VAT introduced in the UK, [a] 1873, [b] 1953, [c] 1973 or [d] 2003?
  2. Who is the longest reigning King in British history, [a] Richard I, [b] Henry II, [c] George III or [d] William IV?
  3. Which of Henry VIII's wives was known as "The Flanders Mare", [a] Anne of Cleves, [b] Anne Hathaway, [c] Jane Seymour or [d] Catherine of Aragon?
  4. Which French monarch was known as "The Sun King", [a] Louis XII, [b] Louis XIV, [c] Louis XVI or [d] Charles IX?
  5. In which year was the Channel Tunnel first opened, [a] 1994, [b] 1995, [c] 1996 or [d] 1997?
  6. Which famous waterway was first opened in November 1869, [a] Panama Canal, [b] Suez Canal, [c] Manchester Ship Canal or [d] St Lawrence Seaway?
  7. Julia Gillard was the first female PM of which country, [a] Australia. [b] New Zealand, [c] Canada or [d] South Africa?
  8. To which native American tribe did Sitting Bull belong, [a] Apache, [b] Cheyenne, [c] Cherokee or [d] Sioux?
  9. In which year did the Battle of Culloden take place, [a] 1648, [b] 1702, [c] 1746 or [d] 1801?
  10. Which of these Battles took place first, [a] Battle of Britain, [b] Battle of Hastings, [c] Battle of Agincourt or [d] Battle of Stamford Bridge?
  11. "The ballot is mightier than the bullet" was a quote by which American president, [a] George Washington, [b] John Adams, [c] Abraham Lincoln or [d] Donald Trump?
  12. What name did the Romans give to Scotland, [a] Caledonia, [b] Hibernia, [c] Lusitania or [d] Hispania?
  13. The Tolpuddle Martyrs were from which English county, [a] Cornwall, [b] Devon, [c] Dorset or [d] Somerset?
  14. In which city was President Kennedy assassinated, [a] Houston, [b] Memphis, [c] Washington or [d] Dallas?
  15. In which year was Cardiff made the capital city of Wales, [a] 1845, [b] 1901, [c] 1035 or [d] 1955?
  16. The Black Prince was the eldest son of which King, [a] Edward III, [b] Richard II, [c] George I or [d] William IV?
  17. How many Victoria Crosses were awarded through World War 2, [a] 82, [b] 182, [c] 282 or [d] 382?
  18. Who was US President at the end of World War II, [a] Franklin D Roosevelt, [b] Harry S Truman, [c] Dwight D Eisenhower or [d] Herbert Hoover?
  19. The Battle of Edgehill was the first battle in which conflict, [a] English Civil War, [b] War of the Roses, [c] The Seven Years war or [d] The Hundred Days War?
  20. How many years did Prohibition last in the USA, [a] 3 years, [b] 8 years, [c] 13 years or [d] 15 years?
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