Queen Elizabeth II

Published: Saturday 26th March 2022A free quiz about the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates seventy years on the throne.
  1. In which African country was the Queen when she heard of the death of her father?
  2. Where were the Queen and Prince Phillip married?
  3. What was the full name of the Queen's only sister?
  4. Who was the US President when the Queen came to the throne?
  5. How many children does the Queen have?
  6. On which Mediterranean island did the Queen and Prince Philip live during their early married life?
  7. In which English county is the Queen's residence of Sandringham?
  8. What are the Queen's two middle names?
  9. What was the Queen's childhood nickname?
  10. Which actress won a Best Actress Oscar in 2007 for her portrayal of the Queen?
  11. What is the Queen's official residence in Scotland?
  12. As at March 2022, how many times has a horse owned by the Queen won the Epsom Derby?
  13. Which year did the Queen describe as her "Annus horribilis"?
  14. In which London street was the Queen born?
  15. What is the name of the Queen's oldest Great Grandchild?
  16. At which Royal residence does the Queen traditionally spend Christmas?
  17. Which foreign language does the Queen speak fluently?
  18. As at March 2022, how many British Prime Ministers have served under Queen Elizabeth II?
  19. All the swans in the UK are said to be owned by the Queen, but what sea creatures does the British Monarch technically own?
  20. In which year did the Queen become the first reigning monarch to visit China?
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