The 1950's - 7

Published: Sunday 24th October 2021A free quiz about the history of the 1950s.
  1. First published in the UK in 1953, what was the title of Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel?
  2. Which team won the FA Cup for the fourth time in 1951 beating Blackpool 2-0 in the final?
  3. Who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 1953's "Roman Holiday"?
  4. Which country hosted the equestrian events of the 1956 Summer Olympics?
  5. Which "King" was inducted into the army in March 1958?
  6. Which children's comic was first published in April 1950?
  7. John Cage's composition 4'3" premiered in 1952, what is unusual about it?
  8. What ended in the UK on July 4th 1954, fourteen years after it had begun?
  9. First published in 1957 what is the title of he Consumer Association's magazine?
  10. How many gold medals did Great Britain win at the 1952 Winter Olympics?
  11. Released in August 1958, what was the title of Cliff Richard's debut single?
  12. What theme park first opened its gates in July 1955?
  13. Named after the daughter of a toy executive what doll was introduced to the World in March 1959?
  14. In which month of 1957 did Egypt finally reopen the Suez Canal?
  15. Which 1948 movie was finally released in the USA in 1951 after 7mins of Alec Guinness' performance was cut?
  16. What was the first advert shown on ITV when it opened in 1955?
  17. Which race track staged the first Formula One Grand Prix in 1950?
  18. Who was censured by the US Senate in 1954, effectively ending his Communist witch hunt?
  19. Which cowboy series, the first to be broadcast in colour, began on US television in 1959?
  20. Which part of the UK was the first in 1956 to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?
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