The 1950's - 8

Published: Monday 1st August 2022A free quiz about the people and events of the 1950s.
  1. Who joined Edmund Hillary to become the first two men to conquer Mt Everest in 1953?
  2. Which novel by JD Salinger was first published in the USA in 1951?
  3. Which Welsh poet died in New York in November 1953?
  4. Who in 1956 became Marilyn Monroe's third and final husband?
  5. Which two countries contested the Cod War in 1958?
  6. Which popular radio show, still broadcast today, was first launched in May 1950?
  7. Which nation became the third after the US and the Soviet Union to possess nuclear weapons?
  8. Who in 1954 became the first Australian to win the Open Golf Championship?
  9. Francois Duvalier became President of Haiti in 1957, by what popular name was he known?
  10. Who was the first chart topper of the NME UK single chart when it was first published in 1952?
  11. Which was the first of the British banks to offer personal loans when restrictions were lifted in 1958?
  12. Who was the author of the controversial novel "Lolita", first published in 1955?
  13. Which team won the 1959 FA Cup Final despite being reduced to 10 men after their goal scorer broke his leg?
  14. Who was the director and choreographer of West Side Story when it opened on Broadway in 1957?
  15. The first Miss World competition was held in London in 1951, from which country did the winner hail?
  16. What was the title of the first animated feature to be shot in cinemascope, released by Disney in 1955?
  17. Which team humiliated England by inflicting a 1-0 defeat in the 1950 FIFA World Cup?
  18. The first Indo-China war drew to a close in 1954 with the Geneva Conference setting the borders between which two countries?
  19. Who was elected the first President of the newly independent Cyprus in 1959?
  20. Who in March 1956 became Elvis Presley's manager?
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