The 1950s - 2

Published: Sunday 5th February 2017
  1. Who was sworn in as US President on January 20th 1953?
  2. The 22nd Amendment to the US constitution was ratified in February 1951, to how many terms does it limit a US President?
  3. Which French born, English author, famous for his "Cautionary Tales for Children" died in July 1953?
  4. Released in January 1956, what was Elvis Presley's first hit record?
  5. What was the name of the first successful US satellite launched in January 1958?
  6. Which city was designated the capital of Israel in January 1950?
  7. How old was King George VI when he died in February 1952?
  8. Who became Marilyn Monroe's second husband in January 1954?
  9. What type of animal was Laika, the first to orbit the Earth?
  10. Which South American politician's wife died in July 1952?
  11. Which Chancellor of the Exchequer resigned in January 1958 over spending cuts?
  12. In which movie of 1955 did the song "Rock Around the Clock" first feature?
  13. Which state was officially admitted as the 49th state of the USA on January 3rd 1959?
  14. Who became the Prime Minister of the UK on the resignation of Anthony Eden in 1957?
  15. Which actress and singer, who died in 1951, was portrayed by Barbara Streisand in the movie "Funny Girl"?
  16. What conflict first started in November 1955?
  17. What disease was introduced into Australia in 1950 to control the escalating rabbit population?
  18. Which 1954 movie starring Marlon Brando, won eight Oscars?
  19. Who was the presenter of BBC's "Juke Box Jury" when it first aired in 1959?
  20. Which Eastern European country was invaded by the Red Army in 1956 to crush a revolt?
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