The 1950s - 3

Published: Saturday 24th June 2017
  1. The play "The Crucible" opened on Broadway in 1953, who was the author?
  2. Which character first appeared in the Beano comic in March 1951?
  3. Which British politician was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953?
  4. Starring Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews, which musical opened on Broadway in 1956 gaining 8 Tony Awards before being made into a movie in the 1960s?
  5. For which iconic toy did Godtfred Kirk Christiansen first file patent in January 1958?
  6. First used in New York in February 1950, which was the first charge card?
  7. Which African country was the Princess Elizabeth visiting when she heard the news of her father's death?
  8. Launched in 1954 what was the name of the first US nuclear powered submarine?
  9. In 1957 which became the first colonial African country to gain independence from the UK?
  10. Which puppet bear made his first appearance on BBC television in January 1952?
  11. Which city hosted the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in 1958?
  12. Who succeeded Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister in 1955?
  13. Who in 1959 became the first President of France's Fifth Republic?
  14. Which movie released in 1957 provided David Lean with his first Best Director Oscar?
  15. Which musical that opened on Broadway in March 1951 made Yul Brynner a star?
  16. What did Harland Sanders open for the first time in Utah in 1952?
  17. Which English author, real name Eric Blair, died in January 1950?
  18. Which horse won both the Derby and the St Leger in 1954?
  19. In which city in 1959 were postcodes first introduced?
  20. Known as Jack the Dripper, which artist died in August 1956?
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