The 1950s - 5

Published: Friday 3rd April 2020A free quiz about the history of the 1950s.
  1. In which year of the 1950s were the Oscars first broadcast on TV?
  2. Who opened the Royal Festival Hall at the beginning of the Festival of Britain in 1951?
  3. Which horse, in 1953, provided Gordon Richards with his only Derby win?
  4. Which heavyweight boxer retired in 1955 after a career with no professional defeats?
  5. At which airport were 21 people including 7 Manchester United players killed in an air crash in 1958?
  6. Which party won the 1950 UK General Election?
  7. Which Scandinavian country hosted the 1952 Summer Olympics?
  8. In which city did Roger Bannister first run a sub-four minute mile?
  9. What was established by the Treaty of Rome in 1957?
  10. What caused at least 4000 deaths in London in December 1952?
  11. The first Carry-On film was released in August 1958 what was it's title?
  12. What was formed by eight communist countries including the Soviet Union in 1955?
  13. Which British movie of 1959 gave Cliff Richard his acting debut?
  14. Which cartoon character made his first appearance in the Daily Mirror in August 1957?
  15. Who topped the US charts in 1951 with "Cry"?
  16. Which Western TV series, which holds the record for the longest running US series of the 20th century, was first aired in 1955?
  17. What was the title of the first of CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, first published in 1950?
  18. Which organ was successfully transplanted for the first time by Joseph Murray in 1954?
  19. Which three pop stars were killed in an air crash on February 3rd 1959?
  20. The 1956 Winter Olympics were the first to be broadcast to an International audience, where were they held?
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