The 1950s - 6

Published: Monday 3rd August 2020A free quiz about the history of the 1950s.
  1. Jonas Salk announced in 1953 the development of a vaccine to control which disease?
  2. What zany radio programme was first broadcast in May 1951?
  3. What charity was founded by vicar Chad Varah in London in 1953?
  4. Which country won the inaugural Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?
  5. What organisation was launched in the UK by Bertram Russell in 1958?
  6. The Volkswagen Type 2 began production in March 1950, how is it more commonly known?
  7. In which event did Great Britain win its only gold medal at the 1952 Summer Olympics?
  8. Who won the 1954 FIFA World Cup defeating Hungary 3-2 in the final?
  9. In which year was the Queen's Christmas message first televised?
  10. The US Special Forces were founded in 1952 by what name are they better known?
  11. Famous for such concert works as "The Lark Ascending", which British composer died in August 1958?
  12. Who in 1955 became the last woman to be executed in the UK?
  13. Winning a record 11 Oscars what was the highest grossing movie of 1959?
  14. Which two future stars first met at St Peters Church Fete in Woolton on July 6th 1957?
  15. What was introduced in April 1951 to help pay for the war in Korea, prompting the resignation of Aneurin Bevan from the Government?
  16. The World's best selling copyright book was first published in 1955, what is it's title?
  17. In which movie, released in 1950 did PC George Dixon make his screen debut?
  18. What song by Doris Day was the best selling record of 1954?
  19. Who in February 1959 became the Prime Minister of Cuba?
  20. What was the first number one in UK album charts when they were first published in 1956?
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