The 1960s - 5

Published: Saturday 9th January 2021A free quiz about the people and events of the 1960s
  1. On whose short story was the 1963 Hitchcock thriller "The Birds" based?
  2. In which year did Britain first apply for membership of the EEC?
  3. What record of 1963 gave The Beatles their first UK number one single?
  4. Which ride at Disneyland, now present in all the Disney parks, was first opened in May 1966?
  5. Who was arrested in June 1968 for the murder of Martin Luther King Jnr?
  6. Which nation were the winners of the first European Football Championships held in 1960?
  7. Which book, first published in 1962, gave rise to the modern environmentalist movement?
  8. Which two film stars, who meet during the filming of Cleopatra, married for the first time in 1964?
  9. Which album, released in June 1967, became the Album of the Year and is widely recognised as one of the best records ever?
  10. Who was the question master on University Challenge when it first aired in 1962?
  11. Selling over 600 million books in 90 languages, which children's author passed away in November 1968?
  12. Opened on 19th July 1965, which two countries are linked by the Mont Blanc tunnel?
  13. Who was elected President of France in June 1969, replacing the recently resigned DeGaulle?
  14. In which city was the first of the BBC local radio stations launched in November 1967?
  15. Where in the UK did the first Mothercare store open in 1961?
  16. Who narrated the English version of "The Magic Roundabout" when it first aired in 1965?
  17. From which club did Manchester City sign Denis Law in March 1960 for a then record fee of £55,000?
  18. Who was elected UK Prime Minister in October 1964?
  19. Who succeeded Matt Busby as manager of Manchester United?
  20. Which TV western, last screened in 1966, gave Clint Eastwood his first major acting break?
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