The 1960s - 6

Published: Wednesday 5th January 2022A free quiz about the history of the 1960s.
  1. The Beeching Report was published in 1963, which industry did it reshape?
  2. Which Russian ballet dancer sought asylum in France in 1961?
  3. Which American poet and writer, the former wife of Ted Hughes, took her own life in 1963?
  4. What service linking Britain with France started in April 1966?
  5. Which team in 1968 became the first English club to win football's European Cup?
  6. In which South American country was Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann located in June 1960?
  7. Which team did Brazil beat 3-1 in the 1962 FIFA World Cup final?
  8. What was the title of The Beatles first single to top the US charts in 1964?
  9. What was the name of the oil tanker that ran aground between Land's End and the Scilly Isles in March 1967?
  10. In which seaside town did Britain's first legal casino open in June 1962?
  11. Tony Hancock, who died in 1968, famously lived at which address in his radio and TV series?
  12. Which British racing driver won both the Indianapolis 500 and the Formula One Championship in 1965?
  13. For what reason did John Lennon give for returning his MBE in 1969?
  14. First broadcast in the UK in 1967, where was the TV series "The Prisoner" filmed?
  15. Which two women fought in the all British 1961 Wimbledon singles final?
  16. Which Bob Dylan single of 1965 gave him his first UK top ten record?
  17. Which author, famous for such novels as "A Town Like Alice" and "On the Beach" died in January 1960?
  18. Which Mediterannean island gained its independence from Britain in September 1964?
  19. Which "Supergroup" played it's first concert in front of 100,000 people in London's Hyde Park on June 7th 1969?
  20. Which movie was Walt Disney producing when he passed away in 1966?
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