The 1960s

Published: Thursday 7th May 2020A free history quiz about people and events in the 1960s.
  1. Which British politician in April 1963 became an honourary citizen of the USA?
  2. In which year did construction of the Berlin Wall commence?
  3. Who was the osteopath that linked Christine Keeler to the then Secretary of War in 1963's Profumo Affair?
  4. First elected in 1966, which party was Gwyfor Evans the first to represent in parliament?
  5. Between which two British cities did the last steam passenger service run in 1968?
  6. What was the title of the book written by Harper Lee that went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for the beat novel of 1960?
  7. Released in October 1962, which was the first single by The Beatles?
  8. What became Britain's first pirate radio station when it began broadcasting in March 1964?
  9. Which song gave the United Kingdom their first Eurovision Song Contest win?
  10. Which company in 1962 were the first to introduce flavoured crisps in the UK?
  11. What was the title of the first Lloyd-Webber/Rice musical to be performed in March 1968?
  12. What was banned on British TV screens on August 1st 1965?
  13. In which castle was Prince Charles invested as Prince of Wales in 1969?
  14. Which two teams competed in the first ever all-London FA Cup Final in 1967?
  15. Which musical became the highest grossing movie of 1961?
  16. Who in 1965 first uttered the 'F' word on British television?
  17. The first televised Royal marriage took place in 1960, who were the happy couple?
  18. Known as "Gentleman Jim", what country singer died in an air crash in 1964?
  19. Which store chain was founded in 1969 by David Quayle and Richard Block with the opening of their first outlet in Southampton?
  20. Where was the first drive through animal park outside Africa opened in April 1966?
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