The 1970s - 1

Published: Tuesday 23rd January 2018
  1. What was the title of the final Beatles' album, released in 1970?
  2. Which two countries joined the European Union alongside the UK in January 1973?
  3. The first commercial flights aboard Concorde took place on January 21st 1976, starting from London and Paris, which cities were the destinations?
  4. Which coin ceased to be legal tender in the UK on January 1st 1970?
  5. Which single of 1974 gave the group Queen their first UK chart hit?
  6. Which ship was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbour in January 1972?
  7. Featured on the cover of Popular Electronics in 1974 and sold by mail order, what was the Altair 8800?
  8. What was introduced by McDonald's in June 1979?
  9. What was the name of the World's first all-in-one computer first launched in 1977?
  10. Who, in 1978, became the first woman to have a self-written song reaching the UK number one spot?
  11. Who in 1979 became Britain's first Million Pound footballer?
  12. Which day became a UK public holiday for the first time in 1974?
  13. Who posed nude for the April 1972 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine?
  14. What was issued by the Royal Navy for the last time on 31st July 1970?
  15. What was the name of the tanker that ran aground on the Brittany coast in March 1978 causing an environmental disaster?
  16. One of the pioneers of Glam-Rock, which singer/guitarist died in a car crash in 1977?
  17. Who resigned as US Vice-President in October 1973 after charges of tax evasion were made against him?
  18. In which city were the 1976 Summer Olympics held?
  19. Launching on ITV in September 1975, who was the first host of "Runaround"?
  20. Which British newspaper ceased publication in May 1971 after 62 years?
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